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Borderline Personality Disorder, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (or traits of), emotional dysregulation related mental health issues of varying kinds and associated symptoms such as, self harm behaviours and suicidal ideation.

DBT has been designed with emotion regulation as the focus. In addition, it incorporates mindfulness skills and explores how you interact with yourself and others.

DBT is a skills group programme with a number of elements designed to be effective when used together. DBT is not a 1:1 therapy.

This client group’s emotional responses are often misunderstood. Being part of a group with like minded individuals offers validation and support that some clients have never experienced.

The DBT skills group programmes will give you a foundation of knowledge and skills from which to build upon. It takes time and practice to implement new behaviours in daily living. This is why we have developed the Step Down Skills Programme. Step Down offers clients the time and space to cement the skills learned.